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About Us

A Dentist and a Wall Street Analyst bumped in a coffee shop and started conversation about aroma on how it triggers one's mind and elevates the mood, while waiting for their coffee, they spoke all about fragrances under the sun and how passionate they both were regarding home fragrances.

Herein, Myrrh was born, with a purpose of breathing life into your home. Our nature inspired fragrances will provide you with positivity, calmness, relaxing aroma.

We are based out of New York, and we traveled the world to source premium ingredients. As we dug deeper into the industry, we were amazed at the two extremes of quality and price. Either inexpensive products were sold at low prices or premium products were sold at inflated prices. We decided to fill in the gaps with what we like to call - The Myrrh Promise!

Myrrh Promise is made of two simple things
– Pure ingredients and Fair pricing.

Pure Ingredients

As much as possible we use pure and sustainable ingredients. Our mission is to provide our customers with a premium experience and therefore there is absolutely no compromise in the quality of our ingredients.

  • All our fragrance oil is American made and/or IFRA certified, 100% non toxic, paraben free & phthalate free. All our essential oils are natural and cruelty free.
  • Our wax is 100% Soy Wax and not a “proprietary soy blend”. Which is fancy for 51% soy and 49% other wax (mostly paraffin). Our candles are phthalate free, and they have no additives, toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants.
  • Our diffusers use natural rattan sticks, and not fiber sticks. These types of reeds tend to hold on to scent and diffuse at a slower pace than fiber ones. Therefore, the fragrances lasts longer.

Fair Pricing

Premium ingredients need not mean exorbitant prices. As much as possible we cut down middlemen, negotiated terms with vendors, and passed on the savings to our clients.

  • One of the major costs in candles is that of logistics. Candles are heavy therefore transportation costs are higher. We tackled this problem by increasing the size of our candles which resulted in only a minor increase in our logistics cost but a significant decrease in percentage terms.
  • Our products are globally sourced therefore scale works to our advantage. We do not do small batch hand processing which, while sounds nice, turns out to be expensive with no incremental benefit. We proudly machine fill our candles which gives us economies of scale, and help us achieve consistency. This ensures that the experience of our product does not change from one batch to another.

With our razor-sharp focus on our costs, we have been able to provide our clients with a lower price point for our candles
without any compromise on quality.

Charity Contributions

We want to make an impact on the lives of the less fortunate. Every month Dolly and Gary revisit their charity priorities. We try to identify a cause where we believe our humble contributions will have the maximum impact. For this month, 10% of our net profit will be
going towards relief efforts for victims of the earthquake in Turkey.